mXL Telecom is an India-based technology company focused on building value-added services to mobile users worldwide. mXL Telecom provides access to communication and relevant information with the ultimate goal of putting these areas on par with parts of the world that have readily available access to PCs, the Internet and WAP.


mXL Telecom wants to empower the world with relevant, mobile content by harnessing SMS and advanced data technologies to provide instant and reliable access to the Internet on any mobile phone, anywhere around the world.

The Vision

We recognized that a simple and affordable technology was needed in underserved markets that would allow access to basic Internet services, which were commonplace in much of the rest of the world. We developed a unique platform! and built the team that is now bringing this technology to these target markets.

Community Involvement

mXL Telecom's believes in a global community and supports leveling the playing field for access to information, content and productivity. mXL Telecom and its employees are committed to enriching and strengthening the communities they serve through the products they bring to market.
mXL Telecom offers three unique ways to provide a dynamic, interactive mobile information service over the SMS channel. With a focus on feature phones, our complete offering gives prepaid mobile users easy and affordable access to digital content across all messaging channels through a single platform.
  1. mXLBrowser ™

    The mXLBrowser ™ is our flagship product. It is a user-friendly mobile software client (On Device Portal) that provides an "iPhone-like" interface for access to a variety of apps (Social Networks, Sports, News, Entertainment, etc.). It is a J2ME application built on a Service Oriented Architecture that allows seamless service updates over SMS, without the need for access to GPRS. This solution can be customized to fit the needs of the market and of the partner carrier.

  2. mXLSIM

    Our SIM-based solution is a premium offering that complements the SIM vendor’s existing DSTK service. With partners including global leaders Gemalto and Oberthur, we have created a solution that provides on-demand access to our entire suite of global and local content right from the user’s SIM menu, without requiring the user to download and install any application to the handset.

  3. mXLUSSD

    Similar to mXLSIM, mXLUSSD aims to increase the addressable market by offering the same varied services that are offered on the mXLBrowser ™ application, via the USSD menu. Since the USSD menu is delivered from the carriers’ servers, new services can be added, and existing ones updated with ease, without requiring any action by the end user. Our solution supports various protocols for connectivity to the SMSC, including SMPP packets as well as HTTP requests.

Each of the above three solutions rely on a backend architecture that includes a robust server-side platform consisting of a high-performance Content Management System and an expandable suite of innovative services created in close collaboration with content publishers.
We do not have specific openings at the moment but are always on the lookout for bright and motivated individuals. If you are interested in being part of the mXL Telecom team, please email us at .