mXLBrowser ™  Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mXLBrowser ™?

The mXLBrowser ™ -mXLBrowser ™- is a simple way to access a wide variety of SMS apps for social networking, email and content: from global, Internet-based information to local information.

How do I use the mXLBrowser ™?

Launch the application, browse through the services (browsing is free), select the service you like to access, and send your query. You will receive a response to your query within a few seconds. You can also subscribe to a few of the services and the response will be pushed daily to you for the period of the subscription.

What can I do if have an issue?

Please contact us, either from within the browser, or send us an email on .

How does the mXLBrowser ™ work?

When you submit a query, the mXLBrowser ™ sends a request to our servers. We process the request and send the response back to your phone within a few seconds.

How long does it take to receive a response?

It should not take more than 15 seconds to process your request. Please allow some extra time, occasionally, due to surges in network activity.

How can I receive upgrades?

We strive to make the upgrade process as comfortable for you as we can. Regular service updates are typically pushed to the users via SMS (no GPRS required to update). Alternately, you can go to the Menu on the mXLBrowser ™ and choose to "Add/Update Services" which will fetch the latest updates.

Can I install the mXLBrowser ™ on another phone?

Yes, all you need is a Java-based phone with either GPRS or Bluetooth.
If you have a GPRS enabled phone, simply visit m.mXL on the phone's browser and you will directed to your build.
If you do not have GPRS activated on your phone, you will have to contact your operator / handset provider / retail outlet to get the link to download the mXLBrowser ™. You will need a Bluetooth activated PC or Laptop to store the file that you download from the link. You will have to then transfer the file from your PC or Laptop to the handset using Bluetooth.

Where can I learn more about the mXLBrowser ™?

Please visit our website at

How does the information get to my phone?

The mXLBrowser ™ bypasses problems related to unreliable Internet, WAP and GPRS by utilizing your handset's existing SMS technology.

Do I need to buy a new phone to use the mXLBrowser ™?

No, the mXLBrowser ™ works on all supported phones that are within our carrier network. If you are a subscriber of a carrier that offers the mXLBrowser ™, the carrier has a method of pushing the mXLBrowser ™ directly to your phone. Contact your carrier or mxl Telecom™ customer support for more details.

How much does it cost to use the mXLBrowser ™?

Download of the application is free. There is a per-query charge (typically Re. 1). However, you can also buy the discounted Bundle packs from the application itself. Subscription services are priced on a monthly rate, typically Rs. 30/month. You will be notified of the charge for each service before you use it. There are no hidden charges.

Do I have to be a subscriber of a specific carrier to use the mXLBrowser ™?

Yes. Your carrier must support the mXLBrowser ™ in order for you to be able to connect to the service. Please check with your carrier if you are unsure of their participation, and if they do not currently offer the mXLBrowser ™, ask them why they don’t!

How complicated is it to search for information using the mXLBrowser ™?

It is extremely simple! On our main menu, you simply click on an icon such as Info+ or Social, and you will see all of the different services offered. Once you choose a service such as News or Facebook, just enter the information into the search fields and hit Submit. You will receive a response within seconds and it will be displayed right on your application's screen.

I don’t have a data plan for my mobile phone. Can I still use the mXLBrowser ™?

Yes! The information is sent back and forth by SMS, so all you need is the capability to send and receive SMS on your phone. The download will require a data connection, though you can use the carrier's default pay-as-you-go service for this since it is only a one-time charge.

I have a prepaid mobile phone account. Can I still use the mXLBrowser ™?

Yes! A small amount will be deducted for each usage of the mXLBrowser ™ services, just as you pay each time you send an SMS. You will be notified of the charge for each service before you use it, so there are no hidden charges.

I have an idea for a new service. Can I request it to be added?

Sure. Send an email to with your idea. We are adding new services all the time, and maybe your idea is already under development. If you have the mXLBrowser ™ on your phone, we'll notify you when there are new services to be added to the mXLBrowser ™.

How do I use a mXLBrowser's app?

1. From the mXLBrowser ™, select the Info + icon.
2. Choose the Finance option, and then Currency Conversion from the options contained within Finance.
3. Enter your information into the fields provided.
4. Select one of the buttons at the bottom of the screen to add this query to your favorites, or to simply send the query.
5. Confirm the charge that appears on the screen.
6. Respond to the request for the mXLBrowser ™ to send you a text message. (Click "yes")
7. Confirmation of the sent message is displayed.
8. Your requested information is displayed in a matter of seconds.

What phones are compatible with the mXLBrowser ™?


  • L6
  • L6i
  • L7
  • L71
  • L7e
  • Motokrzr_K1
  • Motorazr2_V8
  • Motorazr_Maxx_V6
  • Motorazr_V3e
  • Motorazr_V3i
  • Motorazr_V3t
  • Motorazr_V3x
  • Motorazr_V3_CLDC_1.1
  • Motorizr_Z3
  • Motoslvr_L7i
  • V1150
  • V280
  • V3i_DG
  • V3r
  • V3x

  • 1680
  • 2323_Classic ¦  2330_Classic
  • 2600_Classic ¦  2630 ¦  2660 ¦  2700_Classic
  • 2720 ¦  2730 ¦  2760 ¦  3109_Classic
  • 3110_Classic ¦  3120_Classic ¦  3500_Classic
  • 3600_Slide ¦  3610_Fold ¦  3710
  • 5000 ¦  5130_Xpress_Music
  • 5200 ¦  5220_Xpress
  • 5300 ¦  5310_Xpress_Music ¦  5320_Xpress
  • 5330_Xpress_Music ¦  5610_Xpress_Music
  • 5630_Xpress_Music
  • 5700 ¦  5730_Xpress_Music
  • 6085 ¦  6086
  • 6110_Navigator ¦  6111
  • 6120_Classic ¦  6121_Classic ¦  6124_Classic
  • 6125 ¦  61266131 ¦  6133 ¦  6136
  • 6155 ¦  6155i ¦  6208_Classic
  • 6210_Navigator ¦  6212_Classic ¦  6220_Classic
  • 6230i ¦  6233 ¦  6234
  • 6255 ¦  6255i ¦  6290
  • 6300 ¦  6300i ¦  6301 ¦  6303_Classic
  • 6500_Classic ¦  6500_Slide ¦  6600_Fold ¦  6600_Slide
  • 6700_Classic ¦  6710_Navigator ¦  6720_Classic ¦  6790
  • 7020 ¦  7070_Prism ¦  7100_Supernova
  • 7210_Supernova ¦  7310_Supernova ¦  7373 ¦  7390
  • 7510_Supernova ¦  7610_Supernova ¦  7900_Prism
  • 8600_Luna ¦  8800_Arte ¦  8800_Sirocco_Edition
  • E51 ¦  E55 ¦  E61 ¦  E61i ¦  E62 ¦  E63
  • E65 ¦  E66E71 ¦  E75 ¦  E90
  • N70 ¦  N72 ¦  N73 ¦  N76 ¦  N78 ¦  N79
  • N81 ¦  N82 ¦  N85 ¦  N86
  • N93 ¦  N93i ¦  N95 ¦  N96

  • J700
  • M620
  • SGH_D600 ¦  SGH_D600e
  • SGH_D880 ¦  SGH_D880_Duos
  • SGH_D900
  • SGH_E250_CLDC_1.1
  • SGH_E500
  • SGH_U600
  • SGH_U700

Sony Ericsson

  • D750 ¦  D750i ¦  G502
  • K530x ¦  K550i
  • K600 ¦  K600i ¦  K608 ¦  K608i ¦  K610i ¦  K660x
  • K700i ¦  K750i ¦  K758c ¦  K770i ¦  K790i
  • K800i ¦  K810i ¦  K850i
  • P1i ¦  P990i
  • S500i ¦  T650i ¦  TM506x
  • V600 ¦  V600i ¦  V630 ¦  V630i
  • W350 ¦  W350i ¦  W380i
  • W580i ¦  W610i ¦  W660i
  • W700 ¦  W700i ¦  W710i ¦  W750x
  • W800i ¦  W830x ¦  W850i ¦  W880i ¦  W890i ¦  W910i
  • Z1010 ¦  Z555x ¦  Z610 ¦  Z610i
  • Z710 ¦  Z710i ¦  Z750x ¦  Z770x