August 23 2012: Content Distribution Partnership with

MXL Telecom today announced a partnership with India's largest online bus booking portal, excels at providing the most efficient and easy way for Indians to search for and book bus tickets. Continuing with its vision of providing mobile users with the most useful utilities and applications, MXL Telecom will soon be bringing the Redbus service to the mXLBrowser ™. This service will allow users to run a search for bus schedules by city and will redirect users to the website to complete the purchase. Booking tickets via mXLBrowser ™ will come next.

August 23 2012: MXL in the Press! Medianama covers MXL Telecom (

MXL Telecom and mXLBrowser ™ were in the news as India's foremost resource on digital media hapenings,, featured an article giving details about the service, including the pricing plans, content variety and download instructions. The article can be accessed here:

August 15 2012: mXLBrowser ™is now on

MXL Telecom today completed the listing of the application on Getjar. Users now have one more way to download the application onto their handset. The application will support over 250 popular handsets. Getjar supports automatic handset detection so users will be presented the right build for their handset once they go to the site. Listing on other similar app stores and aggregator sites is in progress.

July 27 2012: MXL Telecom launches special promotion for Olympics

MXL Telecom today launched the Olympics special offer wherein new registrants will receive free usage worth Rs. 20 if the registration happens during the London Olympics i.e. From July 27 to August 12, 2012.

June 13 2012 : mXLBrowser ™ Launches on the Idea Network (

MXL Telecom today launched the mXLBrowser ™ for Idea Cellular subscribers. The service is now live across India. Currently the application is available for around 280 of the most popular handsets with more handsets being added regularly. Idea subscribers can now convert their phone to a smartphone at rates as low as 10 paise per request. Users can visit the WAP site to download the mXLBrowser ™

January 3 2012: Content Distribution Partnership with (Astrology)

mXL Telecom today announced a partnership with Astrology Giant Ganeshaspeaks is the most popular portal in India for those seeking astrological guidance and provides daily horoscopes to a variety of popular publications. mXLBrowser ™ will power its daily horoscope service with updates from Ganeshaspeaks. In the future, more exciting localized services will be introduced as well, such as Panchang, Vaastu and Choghadiya.

December 13 2011: Content Distribution Partnership with Contify (News Aggregator)

mXL Telecom bolstered their news service today by announcing a tie-up with news aggregator Contify. Contify is one of India's largest aggregators, sourcing business news, analysis, features, opinions, sports & entertainment news, and much more, from over 150 sources. Some of the popular sources include the Indian Express Group, India Today, Daily Bhaskar, Glamsham, etc. The partnership will allow users of the mXLBrowser ™ access to multiple daily news updates, be it Business, Sports, Local or Entertainment news.

December 5 2011: Content Distribution Partnership with Babajob (Jobs)

mXL Telecom has always strived to provide access to information to the segment of population at the bottom-of-the-pyramid. Today, they took a step further in that direction by announcing a partnership with Babajob is an online job board that connects employers with informal sector workers (maids, cooks, drivers, etc.) with the goal of creating a scalable, replicable and profitable solution to combat poverty. Through the Babajob service on mXLBrowser ™ job seekers will be able to search for jobs in their locality and get access to employer contact details with the click of a button.

November 21 2011: Content Distribution Partnership with (Health Tips)

Continuing with the commitment to providing useful content and services to the majority of the population in emerging markets, mXL Telecom today announced a partnership with health information portal As part of this partnership, the mXLBrowser will be used to deliver health tips in a variety of categories such as Beauty & Skin Care, Teen Sexual Health, Stress Management, Diabetes and Weight & Diet. is a very popular site amongst the youth in India and is looked upon as a key source of information for healthcare-related issues.

October 24 2011: Several interesting Content Distribution Partnership

Today mXL Telecom announced that they are partnering with : The partnership will begin with the launch of job search service that allows users to scan for jobs in the city of choice as well as apply to the jobs from their mobile phones itself. Content from other portals will be introduced soon after. is India's largest job search portal and this service will be a great value-add to the already existing services on the mXLBrowser ™.

April 22 2011: Slooce Partnership for distribution of SMS-based games

mXL Telecom today announced a partnership with Slooce Games to distribute their SMS games over the mXLBrowser ™ platform. The first game to be launched will be Alfamix, an interactive word jumble game while multiplayer games such as tic-tac-toe will be launched soon after. This partnership will provide users of the mXLBrowser access to plenty of trivia, puzzle and word games to be launched over the coming year.

March 23 2012- New Operator Dashboard for real time traffic querying and monitoring

As part of mXL Telecom's commitment towards assisting operators in providing the best support to their customers, they have today introduced a new Operator Dashboard that can be used by the customer service reps to monitor real time traffic for the mXLBrowser ™. This will allow them to quickly look at a customer query, take corrective actions and reduce turnaround time to seconds. The Dashboard can be accessed through any web browser thereby eliminating the need to install or configure software on the operator machines.

February 17 2012 - New Email Features - Compose Email and Reply to existing email

In November of last year, mXL Telecom had promised users that the Email service will be beefed up with new exciting features. Today, two new features are being added to the Email service for all three providers (Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail) - Email Compose and Reply to an Existing Email. Now users will no longer need to open up their computers or visit a cybercaf√ɬ© to write someone an email. They can do that right from their phone using the mXLBrowser ™ Email Service at no extra charge!

December 29 2011- New Service - Twitter

mXL Telecom is proud to announce the introduction of Twitter in the latest versions of the mXLBrowser ™. After the tremendous response received for the Facebook service, there were a lot of requests from users asking for Twitter. Twitter on mXLBrowser ™ allos users to post a tweet, view their timeline, view their "mentions" and also perform a twitter search. In addition, the standard features such as retweeting, replying and favouriting a tweet are supported as well.

November 25 2011- New Service - Gmail

Email has always been one of the most popular services on the mXLBrowser ™. So far, only Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail were supported. However, starting today, all new versions of the mXLBrowser ™ will also include support for Gmail. Now more users than ever can stay in touch with their inboxes via the mXLBrowser ™ Gmail service. While standard features such as viewing your inbox and getting details on an email exist, the MXL developer team is soon going to also introduce the Email Compose and the Reply features to all the three email services. Stay Tuned!

October 28 2011- Support for Bundle (Discount) Pricing packages

mXLBrowser ™ users can now avail a huge discount price for using the service, by buying one of the bundles that are offered in conjunction with the cellular operators. Heavy users of the application will benefit from this feature as they will now be able to access all the content offered via the mXLBrowser ™ for a small fixed monthly fee. Cellular operators see this as a great way to provide value to the consumer while at the same time locking-in a significant chunk of the ARPU upfront.

October 14 2011- Support for Subscription (Push notification) services

Consumers of Mobile VAS products have always been very receptive of subscription-based services which gives them the convenience of push messaging. The new version of the mXLBrowser ™ now allows subscribers to opt for subscriptions of a variety of content at a fixed, low monthly fee. The content most suitable to subscription includes astrology, news, jokes and stock quotes. The robust backend platform powering the mXLBrowser ™ can now connect to the cellular operator's subscription manager gateway to allow for flexible charging mechanisms, thereby maximizing operator ARPU while giving the user the content he/she wants in the most convenient no-frills manner.