How the mXLBrowser mXLBrowser ™  works

Internet on a classic phone without a data plan !

mXLBrowser ™ bundles all of your favourite web content and services into one simple, easy-to-use mobile application. The mXLBrowser ™ delivers all the amazing services using SMS, without the need for any 2G or 3G data plan.

All your favourite apps rolled into one!

mXLBrowser ™ enriches your mobile experience by connecting you with the brands and services you want in as few clicks as possible. The content is organized in six exciting zones:
  • Social

    • Social •

    Check facebook updates, post a tweet and more! Access your social network accounts and stay in touch with friends without being tied to a PC.

    Facebook   twitter

  • Mail

    • Mail •

    Keep up to date with your email, whether Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo! Mail. You can send new email and reply to emails as well using this service.

    Hotmail   gmail   yahoomail

  • Sports

    • Sports •

    For the sports fan in you, we offer Cricket, Football and NBA (Basketball) Scores as well as News from the world of sports!

  • Fun

    • Fun •

    Bored? Tired? Not any more.
    Get the latest gossip from Bollywood, enjoy your horoscope, play SMS games such as Sudoku and Alfamix, and much more!

  • Info +

    • Info + •

    Whether it's getting your daily dose of news, searching for job postings & getting valuable health tips, or using utilities such as currency convertor, weather and flight status, this section has all the services you need to make the most of your day!

  • Deals

    • Deals •

    Get access to the latest deals on restaurants, apparel, spa services from all the top daily deal sites.

What Makes mXLBrowser ™, the mXLBrowser ™, Different?

Unlike other mobile apps that fetch content using the EDGE/GPRS or 3G connection, mXLBrowser ™ makes use of just SMS. Also, you do not have to type in tediously long URL's to visit a WAP site on your mobile's tiny screen.
All the content is arranged in a very simple and elegant interface designed to minimize typing. You do not have to remember or type any short codes or keywords either.
The interface and intelligent mXL Platform that forms the backend engine of our service even makes it possible to deliver services not generally suitable to SMS, such as social networking, email and job search. And all of this is offered at very competitive rates.
The application also allows subscription (push) services wherein content is automatically pushed to your phone on a daily basis.

What's awesome about mXLBrowser ™ is that you don't have to remember or type any short codes or keywords! In fact, mXLBrowser ™ adds extra functionality that's not available over regular SMS. Simply scroll-and-click through a quick, intuitive menu and you've got exactly what you want.

Do I need a Data Plan?

mXLBrowser's SMS Apps use your text messaging plan and do not require a data plan.

However, downloading the mXLBrowser ™ software the first time does use the data connection. If you don't have a data plan, getting mXLBrowser ™ on your phone will incur a one-time charge from the operator on your pay-as-you-go data rates.

One of the great things about mXLBrowser ™ is that we're always adding new services and content and these can be pushed to your application over SMS itself, without the need for a data connection!

Photo Credits: C. Mishra - R. Gandhi - F. Nebot . All rights reserved.